Free Race Photography

No he’s not looking for his mobile, but if you do run with your phone to take photos then that could be you – looking for it when you drop it in the mud. Good luck finding it in there. That’s why this year we have decided to make our race photography free for all entrants.

As with previous years we are working with 21C Photos, who will have two experienced Slog photographers out around the course at various locations, taking as many photos as their fingers can press.

But the difference this year, rather than you having to stump up your hard-earned cash to then buy those photos, we’ve arranged with them to give them to you for free. You will be able to download and share on social media however many you like.

Following the event, all the photos will be processed and hosted online for you to browse and search, and you will be able to download your favourite mud shots to keep forever, meaning your shiny new phone can stay well away from the mud. You’re welcome.

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