We’re Back Baby!

Oh yeah baby, it’s true – we are back! The mud is back, the flapjacks are back, even the bugler is back. We. Are. Back.

After much planning, some crying, and even more hair-pulling, we have decided that we are finally good to go for 2021. While life is not yet fully back to normal, there is nothing currently stopping us from holding this year’s event as close to normal as possible. So, brace yourself for a firehose of information.

Because we are already much later in the year than we would normally be we do have to do things slightly differently, and we also have a reduced window of time to work within. We know you all understand that, but if we want a race (and we all do) this is how we have to do it.

This is the core information that you need to know right now:

  • The race will be on Sunday 14th November.
  • Entries will be via a ballot system, that will open on Monday 2nd August at 08:00.
  • The ballot system will only be open for registrations for one week.
  • If you are randomly selected you will only get seven days to take up the offer of the place.
  • T-shirts are optional this year and will need to be ordered separately from our online store that will also open on Monday 2nd August (details to follow)
  • We have guaranteed entries through our charity partners, Cystic Fibrosis Trust and Jessie May (details to follow).

More specific details on the ballot entry system can be found on our Ballot Entry Details page. Please read it very carefully.

We will release more information over the coming days, but right now get your keyboards ready to go, call up your friends, shout at your family (in a nice excited kind of way), and holler from the rooftops. Sodbury Slog Entries are opening – VERY SOON

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