COVID-19 Update

As the global COVID-19 pandemic continues to unfold and as yet with no clarity around either lifting of the lockdown or the staging of sporting events involving mass gatherings of people, we wanted to update you on what we are doing behind the scenes for this year’s Sodbury Slog.

As we have said previously, while we want nothing more than to give you all something to look forward to in November, we absolutely don’t want to take any money from you without certainty that the event will go ahead this year. To do that we need clear guidance from the UK government, Sodbury Council, and the ARC (our affiliated governing body) that the race will actually be able to take place safely in November. Right now that information simply isn’t available, which is why we are holding off on making any further decisions regarding this year’s event.

It is fair to say that at this point any event that does take place this year will very likely be different to the event we had planned, and that we have already talked about. But we’re sure you’ll agree that any Slog will be better than no Slog. Which is why we are still considering all possibilities and remain committed to getting you back knee-deep in the South Gloucestershire mud as soon as we can.

As an organising committee we are still talking often, continuing to read all news and guidance around sporting events, and meeting regularly to discuss the situation and the options available to us as time moves on. So please keep watching our usual channels for more information, and please stay home and stay safe.

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