All hail the bling

Everybody likes a bit of bling. Which is why this year – for the first time ever – to celebrate our 30th anniversary we are going to be handing out amazing Sodbury Slog medals to all finishers.

But this isn’t going to be instead of a t-shirt, it’s as well as. Wait what? What’s the catch I hear you say? No catch, and more importantly, there will be no price increase from last year.

That’s right, for the same low fee of £23 for affiliated runners, and £25 for those unaffiliated, not only will you get to run undoubtedly the best multi-terrain race in the South West, but also swagger home with a shiny special edition Slog medal big enough to fill the palm of your hand, and an even more special long-sleeve technical t-shirt with a retro-inspired design

If you’re lucky you will also get to take home a couple of sock-fulls of South Gloucestershire mud. You can never say we don’t give you value for money.

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