The Course

The route is varied. Starting from Chipping Sodbury School, running along the wide High Street and onto Sodbury Common; here's where the mud starts, the common is very marshy even in summer, and becomes very wet and boggy in November making the going especially tough.

Through the hamlet of Little Sodbury End into Tungrove Farm. A few watery excursions later and you are climbing towards the Cotswold Way, into the tree-lined drive of Little Sodbury Manor running past the Manor House then up through the woods on the Cotswold Way across the Roman encampment at Old Sodbury, following the Cotswold Way down to Hardwoodgate Farm.

Strategically placed bales of hay provide ideal obstacles where gates would normally grace your passage (leaving them open would just be too easy). All of which add to the spectacular scenery on the run and make it unique. A short road run takes you back to the school in a distance of 9 country miles.

Want to run the whole course in just six minutes and not even get muddy? Well unless you're some kind of superhero your best bet is to just watch our course flyover. Simply press play on the video below to start the tour.

Course Flyover

And just in case that wasn't enough information for you here's a nice graph of the course elevation graph for you. Hilly? You bet.


A map of the course can be found here.
A map for car parking can be found here.